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Aquasol Controllers

The Aquasol WTC controls both chlorine/bromine and pH through the use of ORP technology. The WTC is designed to be used on re-circulating bodies of water where consistent chlorine/bromine and pH levels are required. It is typically used on swimming pools, spas, and fountains. It can be used with any type of sanitizer or pH adjustment. The WTC is a completely modular unit that includes our patented flow cell, ORP & pH probes, and all tubing and fittings required for installation. Installation is done with flexible tubing, so no "plumbing" is required. The WTC includes a dual digital (LCD) display that will show both the ORP and pH of the water. The main circuit module is covered by our exclusive functional lifetime warranty.


Polaris® Watermatic Controls

Visit the Polaris website: http://www.polarispool.ca/ or contact us for more information.

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