Eye-Catching Fountains in Calgary and Edmonton

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The right fountain can keep your lake or pond a clean, eye-catching display. Western Pump offers a variety of choices in capacities for very shallow or very large water features.

Aerators & Fountains for Ponds & Lakes from Aqua Control Inc.

•  Display Aerators & Fountains

•  Cast Stainless Propeller

•  Oil-Filled Stainless Motor

•  Lighting from 900 to 4000 Watts

•  High Flow Rates for Maximum Aeration

•  Control Panels Available

•  3-Year Warranty

Select an Aqua Control Display Aerator to Achieve:

•  Attractive, heavy flow, visible spray patterns

•  Strong and coherent spray patterns

•  Superior aeration in ponds as shallow as 20”

•  Spray patterns that light beautifully

•  Spray pattern heights to 20’

Select an Aqua Control Fountain to Achieve:

•  An attractive and visible spray pattern

•  High streams from ponds as shallow as 20”

•  Spray patterns that light beautifully

•  Spray pattern heights greater than 20’

Select an Aqua ControlHigh Horsepower Fountainto Achieve:

•  Huge, beautiful spray patterns

•  Very high and very large spray patterns

•  For use in ponds as shallow as 30”

Contact us to learn more, or visit the Aqua Control website.

Products 20

Fountain & Decorative Pumps

Little Giant

Little Giant Pump Company's origins date back to 1941, when an idea by a plumber named Doc Wolfe became the world's first submersible electric motor-driven pump—the answer to the problem of water transfer in "swamp" evaporative coolers, a forerunner of modern refrigerated air conditioning. Called "a submersible vaporizer," this unique, patented pump design became the cornerstone for the hundreds of different pump models Little Giant Pump Company manufactures and ships worldwide today.

Quality, Reliability and Cost-Effectiveness

Little Giant's strength has always been its mission: to solve problems with innovation, quality, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Every activity of the company, every piece of equipment, every innovation, is directed solely toward that end.

•  Circulator Pumps

•  Parts Washer Pumps

•  Statuary Fountain Pumps

•  Waterfall and Stream Pumps

•   Aquarium Magnetic-Drive Pumps

Visit the Little Giant website at littlegiant.com.

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