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As the Western Canadian Distributor for Global Pump, Western Pump offers a large national fleet of pumps, available to customers for rent on temporary projects. Our corporate philosophy is not that of a rental house. Western Pump, through Global Pump Company, offers full engineering and design services in "turn-key" fashion in order to provide the customer with the proper system no matter the application. Global Pump has experience and expertise in engineering bypass systems that exceed 100,000 gallons per minute, and dewatering systems that move 25,000 gallons of ground water per minute.

Pumping applications have been designed by Global in all of the following fields:

•  Sewer bypass

•  Municipal bypass

•  Expansive dewatering applications

•  Industrial pumping

•  Maritime pumping

•  Refinery pumping

•  Pulp and paper

•  Quarry dewatering

•  Agriculture pumping


City of Calgary – Sewer Bypass – Confederation Sanitary Upgrade

Required Capacity: 900 l/s (14,265 gpm) with full redundancy

Pumps Installed:

•  1 x 18” Global Trash Pump, auto prime, suction & discharge 18”, capacity 757 l/s (12,000 gpm)

•  2 x 12” Global Trash Pump, auto prime, suction & discharge 12”, Capacity 429 l/s (6,800 gpm)

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