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Wastewater Treatment Systems

Dependable On-Site Sewage Treatment from Western Pump

The Revolutionary Jet™ BAT® Process–Biologically Accelerated Treatment™

The heart of the Jet BAT process is our new 700LL Aerator. It provides the mixing and fresh oxygen required for these microorganisms to live, while the Jet BAT Process Media provides a supporting environment that allows natural filtration and biological reduction to take place.

The remarkably efficient Jet BAT Process is available with our residential treatment plants only.

Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems

 Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems

The Jet BAT residential wastewater treatment plant is a compact, efficient Biologically Accelerated Treatment (BAT) plant that contains 3 compartments. The pretreatment compartment receives the wastewater and partially treats it physically and biologically before it enters the center treatment compartment, technically referred to as the “bio-reactor”, where mixing and fresh air combine to support the revolutionary BAT process. After treatment the contents flow from the center compartment into the settling compartment, where fine particles settle and return to the treatment compartment, leaving only a clear, odourless, highly treated liquid for discharge.

Beat your on-site sewage treatment problems with the revolutionary new BAT process from Jet Inc. These class 1 certified treatment plants are simple to install, relatively inexpensive and available for systems in sizes of 500 GPD, 750 GPD, 1000 GPD, 1500 GPD and larger in cluster installations. Please contact us for pricing information and visit the Jet Inc website.

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Jet Commercial: Total Pollution Control for Any Facility Built beyond Sewer Lines

Commercial Wastewater Treatment Systems

Jet’s Package Wastewater Treatment Plants have made it possible for motels, shopping centers and service stations to be constructed along interstate highways far from any town. With a Jet Package Plant subdivisions can be developed miles beyond sewer lines; factories can be erected in rural areas; and people can live and work in isolated areas in places such as Guam and Peru as well as in the world’s deserts, deep valleys and mountain ranges. Ours are time-tested and custom designed plants that treat wastewater through the performance-proven aerobic digestion process that enables microscopic living organisms to transform wastewater into a clear, odourless liquid. We recommend using BIO JET-7® and JET-CHLOR® for environmentally safe odour-free discharge.

More interesting facts:

  • Corrosion-free, reinforced concrete tank for durability
  • Great for new property development or for upgrading or replacing an existing system
  • Modular construction supports a broad range of plant sizes and phased commercial or residential developments
  • A range of options are available to meet specific site requirements
  • Designs that support 1,500 - 100,000 gallons per day in capacity at various loading levels
  • Patented AIR-SEAL Diffuser® saves time and money by reducing maintenance costs and improving plant efficiency
  • Proven performance from a time-tested extended aeration process
  • 24/7 technical support with plant start-up and operator training available
  • Expert plant design & engineering assistance available. Call for a custom quote based on your site specific requirements.

Water Treatment Plants

Pre-engineered treatment plants from Jet Commercial provide biological treatment for sewage wastewater using the activated sludge extended aeration technology, but adding the feature of the patented maintenance free Fluoroprobe® technology for matching air requirements to both the hydraulic and biological loading, or for creating aerobic or anaerobic zones within the single aeration chamber for nitrification and de-nitrification.

The basic design is an extended aeration period that is approximately 24 hours, coupled with a defined settling period that is approximately 4 hours.

The extended aeration process purifies the sewage through the destruction of the organic compounds, using air to mix and oxidize the volatile material into gas, water and sludge. With the continued aeration of these concentrated solids, biological organisms are produced and grow in colonies. These colonies will attach themselves to the volatile material breaking it down into water, carbon dioxide and ash. The result is a clear and odour-free effluent, provided with minimal maintenance.

The system is pre-built at the factory and shipped to the project site as a self-contained unit that requires minimal field assembly. Typical applications for systems with hydraulic flow rates from 8,000 to 500,000 gallons per day are:

  • Small Towns

  • Resort Areas

  • Mobile Home Parks

  • Recreational Facilities

  • Residential Developments

Contact us for more information.

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