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Jet BAT® Wastewater Treatment

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Dependable On-site Wastewater Treatment Systems

Western Pump offers dependable wastewater treatment systems to help you manage sewage and wastewater in your home or rural property in Alberta. Get in touch with our Calgary or Edmonton offices for more information on our products and services available in Western Canada.

The Revolutionary Jet BAT® Process – Biologically Accelerated Treatment™

The heart of the Jet BAT® Process is our new 700LL aerator. It provides the mixing and fresh oxygen required for these microorganisms to live, while the Jet BAT® Process Media provides a supportive environment that allows natural aeration and biological reduction to take place.


The remarkably efficient Jet BAT® Process is available with our residential treatment plants only.

Residential Wastewater Treatment Systems

The Jet BAT® residential wastewater treatment plant is more than just a septic system. Our plants can treat 500 to 1,500 gallons of water everyday - the size of a small swimming pool or thirty 50 gallon hot-water heaters.

The Jet BAT process handles 100% shock loads, meaning that surges in flow caused by weekend guests, parties, multiple baths, laundry and automatic dishwashers do not affect treatment performance.

Please contact us for pricing information and visit the Jet Inc website.

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How the BAT® Process Works 

Jet's residential wastewater treatment plant breaks down waste via a three-compartment tank. 


The compact, efficient Biologically Accelerated Treatment Plant - which we call the JET BAT® Plant - has three compartments.

The Pretreatment Compartment​, on the left, receives the wastewater and partially treats it physically and biologically before it enters the Center Treatment Compartment.

In this Center Treatment Compartment, technically referred to as a "Bio-reactor", the JET Aerator injects fresh air to provide oxygen and mixing to support Jet's revolutionary BAT process. In this process, huge numbers of microorganisms - Called a "biomass" - attach themselves to the submerged Jet BAT® Process Media. These microorganisms provide an extraordinarily rapid and high degree of treatment, converting the wastewater to odorless, colorless liquids and gasses. Air from the JET Aerator provides the oxygen required by the microorganisms to complete the process. Mixing ensures that all the wastewater inside the compartment comes into contact with the microorganisms for total treatment.

After treatment, the center compartment contents flow into the Settling Compartment where fine particles settle and return to the Treatment Compartment along the sloping end wall for further "digestion", this leaves only a clear, odorless, highly treated liquid effluent that can be safely discharged through the baffled outlet.

Jet Home Treatment Plant DO'S

  • Know the location of your control panel and check periodically for alarms.

  • Keep a record of pumping, inspections, and maintenance.

  • Practice water conservation to reduce the amount of water going into the Jet System.

  • Learn the location of your Jet system, avoid constructing patios, decks, and paved surfaces over your system.

  • Divert roof drain and surface water from your Jet system.

  • Keep sump pump water and housing footing drains away from your Jet system.

  • Reduce heavy water usage periods by separating dishwashing and laundry from shower time.

  • If your plant serves a vacation home or a building in which all occupants will be absent part of the time, the plant should be left running during your absence.

Contact us for more information.

Jet Home Treatment Plant DONT'S

  • Do NOT put any of the following items in your plant or sewage system. They will cause serious damage to the plant's biological process and equipment.

  • Plastic, sanitary napkins, scouring pads, condoms, mop strings, "disposable" diapers, towels, lint, rags, etc. These items will collect in your plant and require more frequent pumping.

  • Paints, thinner, chemicals, grease, solvents and sanitizer. These kill the good bacteria in your plant.

  • Water softener backwash. Route to drainage ditch, storm sewer or downspout drainage system.

  • Heavy plumbing cleaners and toiler bowl freshener hang tabs will also kill off the good bacteria in your plant.

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