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Lorentz Solar Pumps

Lorentz Solar Pumps

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Distributor for Lorentz Solar Pumps

Rely on Western Pump for all of your wastewater, sewage and water treatment requirements in Western Canada. We are a distributor of Lorentz solar pumps in Alberta. These reliable, low-maintenance, and cost-effective pumping systems are available for drinking water, irrigation and pools or spas. 

Lorentz additionally offers solar tracking systems for solar capture. Contact us at our Calgary or Edmonton offices for more information on our solar line of products.

Solar water treatment

Your Primary Drinking Water Delivery System

Choosing a system that provides clean drinking water consistently is crucial. Lorentz solar water pumping systems are reliable and have successfully provided potable water to residences, communities and livestock for over two decades.

Cost-effective and Consistent

Water sources like boreholes are cost-effective and act as an ideal medium to deliver clean water to communities. With reliable water storage, solar direct systems can pump water consistently 24 hours a day without the need for batteries or generators. Lorentz PS2 solar systems are used worldwide by homes as the main water delivery mechanism to pump the water from the source for daily use.

Solar Panels

The Ideal Solution for Your Ranch

Lorentz offers solutions that can pump water from almost any depth with minimal power. This makes them ideal for providing clean drinking water to livestock, thereby improving their health. Because of this, solar water pumps have become a viable replacement for windmills in cattle ranches worldwide.

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Solar Pumping Systems

Go Green with Solar Pumping Systems Today!

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