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The Growing Need for Sustainable Wastewater Management

sustainable wastewater treatment plant

As we move forward towards rapid development, cities and populations around the world grow, often faster than we can keep up with the current pace of wastewater treatment. As a result, the need for wastewater management in big cities like Calgary has increased, making it one of the top priorities for people and companies fighting for a sustainable future. In this blog, we are going to explore how wastewater affects the environment and why sustainable wastewater maintenance is fundamental. 


What Is Wastewater?

Generally, wastewater is water that was used and discarded in residential, commercial, and industrial settings. From the water we use to wash our dishes, to that which is used in the operations of commercial facilities, almost all the water affected by human activity is considered wastewater. The problem is that, in most cases, this water is heavily contaminated with chemicals, organic matter and other types of pollutants, making wastewater management essential to ensure people have access to clean water.


How Does Wastewater Affect the Environment?

One of the biggest concerns related to wastewater is that it can severely contaminate the environment in many ways. These include:

Harming Species with Excessive Nutrients

Wastewater with organic matter often contain excessive nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen. When discarded on rivers and lakes, the water containing these substances will provide the ideal conditions for microorganisms to grow uncontrollably, reducing the oxygen level of the water, killing fish and other animals.

Affecting Aquatic Life with Toxic Substances

Apart from decaying matter, wastewater can also carry a variety of toxic substances such as chlorine and chemicals, which have a big impact on invertebrates, algae, and fish.


Polluting Rivers and Lakes with Metals

 When wastewater is discarded without treatment, it often carries alarming levels of metals such as mercury, lead, and chromium. These metals are often toxic, and they can accumulate in the organs of many aquatic animals, which significantly affects the ecosystem of rivers and lakes. 

Why Do We Need Sustainable Wastewater Management?

As big cities like Calgary continue to grow, counting on wastewater management is fundamental to prevent the adversities that polluted water causes to the environment and public health. Sustainable wastewater management can help us make sure that future generations will continue to have access to clean water and that the environment can sustainably provide the resources they need. 

The Commercial Benefits of Wastewater Management

Relying on sustainable wastewater management brings a wide range of benefits not only to the environment but also to companies and industrial facilities. For instance, companies with efficient wastewater solutions can reuse valuable resources, including water, nutrients and energy. This not only protects the environment from pollutants but also reduce costs in many types of operations. Moreover, water management services help companies comply with environmental regulations, avoiding penalties and other legal consequences. 


Wastewater Solutions in Calgary

Aware of the increasing demand for sustainable wastewater management service in Calgary, Western Pump offers efficient solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and let us be your partner in your journey towards sustainability and environmental awareness. Reach out to us!




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