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Water treatment pumps

Water Treatment

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Full Range of Water Treatment Solutions

With over 50 years of experience, Western Pump can provide you with a full range of solutions to treat your water and make it safe for usage in Western Canada. Our specialists can assist clients from the residential, commercial, agricultural and municipal sectors to keep their water clean. We specialize in site-specific water treatment systems. 

Western Pump is a leading water treatment equipment and accessories distributor. We serve clients in Alberta from our offices in Edmonton and Calgary. Contact us for effective solutions today.

Residential Water Treatment Products

Residential Water Treatment Products

Rely on our treatment solutions for clean water in your home. We offer a range of equipment like filter systems and reverse osmosis units that effectively treat your water before use.

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Your Primary Drinking Water Delivery System

Choosing a system that provides clean drinking water consistently, is crucial. When it comes to water quality one size does not fit all.

Commercial Water Treatment Products

Through our products, commercial property owners can ensure a supply of clean and usable water for their customers and staff. We offer site-specific water treatment solutions that can suit the needs of your business.

Commercial Water Treatment Products
Water Treatment Products

Water Treatment Products

Western Pump is a distributor of the following products: 


  • Waterite water softeners and filters

  • Waterite reverse osmosis units

  • Danamark point-of-use filtration products

  • Harmsco filter products

  • Pentek filters

  • Stenner chemical injection pumps and parts

  • Site-specific water treatment systems

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Our Water Treatment Product Catalogue

Browse our catalogue for more information and pricing about our water treatment products.

Water Treatment Equipment

Need Dependable Water Treatment Equipment?

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