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Biological Disinfection


Chlorination is a very common method of biologically purifying drinking water. Injection methods include, but are not restricted to: pellet well chlorination, liquid feed utilising metering pumps, erosion feeders, etc.

Chlorination systems can be automated to ensure that a continuous level of chlorine residual is attained.

Systems Available: The Well Pro Pellet Feeder

Clean up your well water problems with the first compact, low-profile, dry pellet chlorinator.  The Well Pro Pellet Feeder irons out water problems without putting a wrinkle in your yard’s good looks.

Have you experienced these common well problems?

  • Foul-smelling, corrosive hydrogen sulfide
  • Sink-staining iron & manganese
  • Slime-causing, pump-clogging iron bacteria

These are unpleasant and potentially costly. Now the Well Pro Dry Pellet Chlorinator lets you control these problems at their source – in the well itself.

Chemical Injection

Stenner Chemical Metering Pumps

  • Simplicity Makes the Difference
  • Stenner peristaltic pumps eliminate problem-causing suction and discharge check-valves for a trouble free operation.
  • Available in adjustable and fixed feed rates for low and high pressure applications.

Biological Disinfection – Ozonation

Ozone refers to radical oxygen molecules created by a high discharge of electrical energy (Corona Discharge). By its nature, an ozone molecule wants to react immediately with any impurities or organic contaminants it comes in contact with. This offers fast biological purification of water.

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