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Water pumping

Engineered Products

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Top-quality Packaged Water Treatment Systems

Western Pump has developed innovative water treatment systems by integrating technology with real experiences to best suit your needs. Through our engineered product division, we have grown to meet the needs of safe wastewater disposal and portable drinking water for remote locations. We have integrated our pump and water treatment products into packaged solutions for application throughout Western Canada and Alberta. 

Our efficient water systems include municipal sewage lift stations, portable water treatment plants for work camps or remote locations and packaged wastewater management solutions. We can build lift station plants and other treatment systems to meet your specific needs. Contact our Calgary or Edmonton offices today for services.

Solutions Offered

Western Pump specializes in Lift station design, Packaged wastewater treatment plants and Work camp packaged treatment plants

Water Fabrication and Supply Solutions

Fabrication and Supply Solutions

Western Pump specializes in the fabrication and supply of the following systems: 


  • Water treatment plants

  • Wastewater treatment plants 

  • Waste and stormwater lift stations

Site-specific Solutions

Western Pump offers specifically designed packaged water treatment plants for the camp industry. Our units are installed inside insulated 20’ or 40’ high cube sea cans that are mounted on heavy-duty skids to provide stability in various types of terrain.

Sewage and Stormwater Treatment Systems

Sewage and Stormwater Solutions

We design and supply sewage and stormwater lift stations of all sizes. Using cutting-edge fibreglass tank construction and materials like mild steel, stainless steel or aluminum coupled with high-quality pump products, we are able to offer highly cost-effective solutions to municipal and industrial clients. We also provide great after-sales service for the convenience of our customers. Our offerings include: 


  • Submersible non-clog pumps

  • Sump, wastewater, stormwater solutions

  • Drainage solutions 

  • Lift stations 

  • Dewatering solutions 

  • Industrial waste solutions 

  • Treatment plants 

  • Sludge and slurry solutions

Engineered Water Treatment Systems

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